Herbal Therapy for Lung Cancer Patients


There have been exciting news in lung cancer in recent years.  However, as a group, the 5 year survival is only 16%, not a whole lot better than 3 decades ago.  Studies show that front line chemotherapy helps more and more people, nevertheless, response rate is still way under 50%.  I on progresses on first line treatment, the chances of responding to a second line treatment is less tha 10%.  Lung cancer patients with advanced disease do live longer, but, the average survival is still about 8-12 months.


  • In east Asia, people have used traditional Chinese herbs to fight cancer for a very long time.
  • Although no good clinical data yet, there is an abundance of preclinical evidence in cell culture and in lab animals that many herbs do have anti-tumor properties.
  • As a medical Oncologist, I have provided herbal therapy to many lung cancer patients.  They report better quality of life, and some appear to live longer than their life expectancy.
  • Our patent pending natural herbal supplement has been tested in lung cancer cell line culture; the preliminary result is a positive one that our herb formula does inhibit cancer cell growth significantly.  Human clinical studies are being planned.

TESTIMONIAL     My cancer was diagnosed in Feb. of 2009.  After 18 months of chemotherapy, I became very weak.  I was in the hospital in July of 2010 for pneumonia.  I then sarted on Dr. Sheng's herbs for the past 6 months.  I am more energetic, my quality of life is definitely better.  I have not had any more chemotherapy.  I was able to cook for more than 20 family members on both Thanksgiving and Christmas day last year with some help.           J.M from Brown County, Ohio

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